February 25, 2012

Sketchwalk in Naples

vico Tronari

Next March, 10 I will lead a public sketchwalk in a very interesting area of Naples called Cristallini, a slope below Capodimonte, where houses are partly carved into tuff rocks and there are lots of ancient tuff quarry.
Inspired by some paintings of Thomas Jones - an english artist that lived and worked in this neighborhood of Naples in 1782 - I tried to draw from the same points of view. ln this drawing, I recognized a grotto and part of the tuff wall painted by Jones (below). Some of his subjects are still there, some disappeared. I love his style, it is so anti-picturesque.

Participants will be encouraged to draw fragments of the city, looking for unusual proportion between sky, walls and roofs and to draw fast - "flying sketches" as Thomas Jones called them. Not monuments, just little bits of this chaotic city.
An anti Grand Tour of Naples.

In this slideshow, sketches I made during a first survey.

This sketchwalk is part of a project called NomiCoseCittà - Passeggiare, Guardare e Raccontare (Walk, Observe and Telling) by an association of young neapolitans architects and students. We all do it volunteering and I hope to show you some good results afterwards.


Murray Dewhurst said...

I would love to be able join your sketchwalk and sketch some of the layers of Naples incredible history. I look forward to seeing more of your results.

Schizzinosa said...

Thanks Murray. Here there is a lot to sketch but not so many sketchers...