December 26, 2011

The “life giver” river

Zāyandé-Rūd or Zāyanderūd (Persian: زاینده رود, from زاینده [zɑːjændɛ] “life giver” and رود [rʊːd] “river”), also spelled as Zayandeh-Rood or Zayanderood, is the largest river on the central plateau of Iran, Isfahan Province.
The Zayandeh has significant flow all year long, unlike many of Iran's rivers which are seasonal. The Zayandeh is spanned by many historical Safavid era bridges, and flows through many parks. (Unfortunately this time the river is seasonal and flow just in 1 or 2 months during a year.)

Zayandeh River crosses the city of Esfahan, a major cultural and economic center of Iran. In the 17th century, Shaikh Bahai (an influential scholar and adviser to the Safavid dynasty), designed and built a system of canals (maadi), to distribute Zayandeh water to Esfahan's suburbs. Water from the Zayandeh River helped the growth of the population and the economy, helped established Esfahan as an influential center, and gave a green landscape to Esfahan, a city in the middle of a desert.

Si-o-se Pol (bridge) There are several new and old bridges (pol) over the Zayandeh River.

80% of the Zayandeh's extracted water is used for agriculture, 10% for human consumption (drinking and domestic needs of a population of 4.5 million), 7% for industry and 3% for other uses.(From wikipedia)

About 2 months ago, again zayanderud river has been flowed and as other years many marine birds have moved from Cold regions to Isfahan. (Seagulls, ducks, storks, etc) It is the best time for seeing and sketching migratory birds behaviors.

When I tried to begin my sketch, my attention was attracted to some storks With their amazing special gestures …sometimes like humankinds.

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


mzsketchusa said...

Beautiful stork paintings--you captured them so well. Thanks for telling us about your part of the world.

elisabetha said...

breathtakingly gorgeous.

Rod MacGregor said...

I like this watercolour work..the bridge and the stork paintings fantastic!

kumi matsukawa said...

Truly gorgeous and the stork's drawings are so fascinating!

VHein said...

Stunning sketches--the birds and their habitat. A wonderful view of your country!

Behzad Bagheri said...

Thank you very much for your observation and opinion. I appreciate it, a lot.

Jardum said...

Wonderful drawings. Happy New Year.

Jardum said...
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Behzad Bagheri said...

Thank you very much Jardum.