April 22, 2011

sketchcrawl 31: the mission, sf

For the 31st SketchCrawl in San Francisco, we met in the mission at a cafe near Mission Dolores Park. The day was fine and clear, although it did get a little cold and windy by the end. Believe it or not, this stately tower is part of the local high school, Mission High.

Here are some of the sketchers who gathered in the morning including SketchCrawl founder Enrico Casarosa, fellow Urban Sketcher Pete Scully, and a few friends who kept with me, sketching all day.

A kid from the restaurant where we took our lunch, and a few of the characters around the 16th and Mission BART station where we got into a little more adventure than we wanted. The woman is eating redvines.

Sights along Dolores, including Notre Dame Plaza- a senior housing facility on the site of what was once a bull and bear fighting ring- and a glimpse of the Mission Dolores itself.
There were so many people enjoying the sun in Mission Dolores Park that it looked like a music festival without the music. Another view of the high school in the distance. Sketchers at the end of the day, and a gentleman waiting for his train. Riders on BART on my way home. I usually draw in my moleskine, but this time, since SketchCrawl 31 is also a fundraiser for Japan, I drew on seperate sheets so I can offer the sketches to my sponsors for their contributions.


NoviceArtist said...

What a great way to see San Francisco...through the eyes of a sketcher. Excellent sketchcrawl results. Thanks for sharing.

L'hibou said...

You are great at catching "feelings" in your sketches. I love the "not-real-music-festival"-sketch and all sketches of persons. I love the way you use the pencils. Great work.