April 22, 2011

mission statements

sketchcrawl 31 page1

Last Saturday I was in San Francisco for the 31st Worldwide Sketchcrawl. We were sketching around the Mission district, one of my favourite areas of the city. I love sketching in San Francisco. The thing is, because I come down early from Davis, I go a bit mad, and just sketch incessantly, barely stopping to eat or drink (save for the chocolate brownie I picked up at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market). It means I come back with a full sketchbook, but an empty stomach (actually, I made up for that at the end of the day with a massive burrito; there goes my plan for a new book, the Urban Sketching Diet).

sketchcrawl 31: mission high schoolsketchcrawl 31 blue house

We met at a cafe opposite Mission High School. It's such an iconic building that everyone felt obliged to draw it at least once. The tower is like a more ornate, smaller replica of one of the old Wembley towers. Further on up 18th Street, I climbed the steps of a partly boarded up building to get a nice aerial view of the blue Victorian building opposite. I love those buildings. After that, some more fire hydrants, plus the Mission Dolores itself, the oldest building in San Francisco. I followed that with more sketching and visiting comic stores.

sketchcrawl 31 page 3

At the end, we all met in Dolores Park to look at each others' sketchbooks, and keep drawing of course. The San Francisco sketchcrawl is always so popular and filled with such a variety of styles that it's a great group to meet with. You can see the rest of the SF sketchcrawl drawings on the 31st Worldwide Sketchcrawl forum.

sc31 end meetup


Bob Mrotek said...

You and Rob Carey are two peas in a pod and you both totally amaze me. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy your work. It is positively inspiring!

RobCarey said...

I just had this conversation with another sketcher in Basel. We were joking about the "sketcher's diet," how we sketch right through meals. You should write the book, Pete.

TheArtistOnTheRoad said...

I love sketching in San Fran too. I'm like you, I live just over an hour away from the city and when I get there, I'm overwhelmed with great things to draw.
On another note, the two fire hydrants you drew have interesting personalities. One looks feminine and the other masculine.

marina said...

great sketches, as always! love the last one with people group especially!

MADHACK said...

I love this, thank you, lydia@missionlocal.org

Crea Land said...

j'aimerais votre style de dessin:
il me semble tout ce que est manifique::bravo::merci

from Grenoble, in France
dongha kim