September 1, 2010


Recently Yun and I spent a weekend in Montreal. It's a lovely, little sleepy city. There is an old French section with cobblestone streets. You can't really tell which country you are in. It feels sort of European and a little American at the same time. Some signs are in French and people speak french. I don't know if it feels Canadian or not because I don't know what Canadian feels like. The weather was perfect so that helped. They say in the winter it's one of the coldest cities in the world. Their slogan is, "Montreal is for lovers." The funny thing is that there are tons of people getting married. Every time you turn a corner, there is a wedding photographer shooting a bride and groom. White limos are driving up and down the avenues. Almost everyone on the street seems to be dressed as if they are in a wedding party. Whoever the marketing person was who sold the city on this lovers idea is a genius. Seems to be working like a charm.


SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations

Nat said...

Ah, lovely St-Paul street in the Old Montreal!! I don't know if it feels like European because I have unfortunately never been to Europe, but yes, it feels Canadian to me : ) It is effectively a popular area for Montrealers to get married because there are many nice cathedrals and also the court house, and the architectural and parks make great photos.
Next time, come visiting during winter and you will agree, Montreal is for lovers!
Bonjour de Montréal! Greatings from Montreal!
ps: I love your work!

Suzanne said...

Montreal is not the coldest city or the hotest city on the planet, but it is the place in the world with the biggest gap between the maximum cold and maximum hot. Called 'amplitude thermique'. We are tough birds! Love your work. And hope you will see more of Montreal next time you come.

Ekaterina said...

seems to be a nice place from the picture)
I think there are lot's of marriages, cause now the weather is fine.(as in my city, where the winters are cold - lots of brides on the streets these days)

Dusty said...

If you like Montreal, try Quebec City...