September 1, 2010

i hear that train a-comin'

train engine in davis
I missed by bus on Saturday, which means an hour-long wait for the next one. I didn't see it as an hour lost, more a sketchbook opportunity gained. Just up the road, up the railroad in fact, this train engine was sitting, and so I sat by the lumber yard and sketched it before it could go anywhere. I don't know if it was planning to go anywhere just yet. When I was done, it reminded me of a Top Trumps card or something.


gary amaro said...

big black wheels a-hummin. I do love some Johnny Cash. Nice work. I like the foreground shadows. Makes me want to draw some trains.

TIA said...

Great composition and love the colour of the train.

stupot said...

sweet. you are very right about the time lost is gained for sketching - it improves your outlook on life. Great contrasts and shadow work indeed.