September 6, 2010

Drawing Attention > Moleskine fundraiser, sketching events and more news

Hello everyone, we have tons of updates in this issue of our occasional "Drawing Attention" newsletter, so let's get started:

  • Moleskine fundraiser: Our kind volunteer has shipped more than 60 of the custom, limited-edition Urban Sketchers Moleskines to donors supporting us from 14 different countries. Finland, New Zealand and China are some of the destinations of the cool Japanese-fold sketchbooks that Moleskine provided to participants of our 1st Urban Sketching Symposium in Portland in July. Thank you to our supporters and volunteer! We are now down to the last box of these one-of-a-kind sketchbooks, so make your donation soon ($25 minimum, we'll cover shipping to any country). To donate, click on the red "Support Urban Sketchers" button on the sidebar. Funds raised will go toward a scholarship for the next Symposium.

  • Comic book artist and urban sketcher Andrea Longhi is organizing the first gathering of Italian urban sketchers in Treviso, Italy, coinciding with the 7th edition of the Treviso Comic Book Festival (Sept. 25-26.) The northwestern Italian city, which is less than an hour inland from Venice, will attract some of the best European sketchers and carnetistes for this year's edition, which follows the theme of "sketched travels." The full program of the event will be announce shortly here, but we already have word that our own correspondents Simo Capecchi, Miguel Herranz and Lapin will be there.

  • Correspondent Melanie Reim is part of the group exhibition Air Force Art at the Society of Illustrators in New York City. The show, open through Oct. 2, highlights the contributions of illustrators who have been invited by the United States Air Force to document special missions and operations on location and at Air Force bases around the world. Melanie's work is from her experience being embedded with a unit in Live-Fire Training Exercises with airmen just before their deployment. To see more of Melanie's work, visit her blog Sketchbook Seduction.

Have urban sketching news to share? Write to us at urbansketchers at gmail dot com providing fully written items with links.


Andrea Longhi said...

Thanks Gabi!
I'll send to you some pictures :)
cheers from Italy!

TIA said...

very informative. thanks.

Veronica Lawlor said...

Lots of wonderful news!

Fred Lynch said...

Thanks so much for keeping track of this. Wonderful news all!

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