April 19, 2010

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Welcome to the first of what will be occasional posts of news related to the Urban Sketchers community. Think of it as our nonprofit's newsletter: We'll highlight media reports featuring Urban Sketchers and share news about our educational activities and opportunities to draw together. Please let us know what's happening in your corner of the world. If you have sketching news, email urbansketchers at gmail dot com. For any other feedback, leave a comment on these posts. What are we doing right, what can we do better? We love to hear from everyone who visits for a dose of urban sketches.

Flying high: To begin, we have news from Brazil, where Red Report, the inflight magazine of TAM Airlines has featured a bunch of sketchers. Thanks to the magazine's executive producer Diana Botello for the wonderful spreads. We've uploaded them to issuu so you can feel as if you were browsing the real magazine. (See flickr set for individual spreads.)


From the sketchbook of...: One of the most popular art publications in the U.S. and international markets, The Artist's Magazine, has started featuring a page from our correspondents' sketchbooks in "The artist's life" section. Tommy Kane and Wil Freeborn have been featured in the most recent issues. We're really excited about the collaboration!

On TV: Over in Spain, Urban Sketchers were on television -- right after the prime-time newscast! Antena 3 Televisión tagged along for an impromptu sketchcrawl in Málaga, where Luis Ruiz and Cristina Urdiales talked eloquently about the global urban-sketching movement. They also taped Javier de Blas sketching with his students from EASD La Rioja.

PNCA summer 2010 catalogue

Symposium: We are gearing up for three energizing days of seminars, group sketch outings, panels and exhibits in Portland during the 1st Urban Sketching Symposium at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Registration is open. Stay tuned on the frequently updated Symposium blog and sign up soon to secure your spot!

Global SketchCrawl: May 15 is the 27th World Wide SketchCrawl. Have you found people to draw with yet? Check the SketchCrawl forum to find sketching partners or start your own party of sketchers where you live.

Get involved: We are looking for volunteer writers, graphic designers and web developers. If you believe in our mission and want to help out in those or any other areas, please drop us a line at urbansketchers at gmail dot com.

Donate: To make a donation to the Urban Sketchers nonprofit, click on the red "Support Urban Sketchers" button on the right sidebar. Learn more about our mission here.

Thanks for visiting and happy sketching,

Gabi Campanario


Don McNulty said...

Thanks for posting all this, really enjoy clicking on all the links and getting all the info.

Flaf said...

yes, thanks for sharing, gabi. i like the video very much, although i didn't get nearly a word ;)

Geoff said...

dang it I wish I had paid more attention in Spanish class!! Awesome coverage though!!

Clare said...

I am new to the art world and love sketching everywhere I go. Thanks for this blog/site...it is wonderful and so inspiring. I am in awe of all of the world talent shared here. I have traveled extensively in my 60+ years and it is wonderful to see sketches of places I've been around the world.
Thanks to all of the contributors.