September 29, 2009

Meet the correspondents: OSLO > Guillaume Bonamy


"Hi, My name is Guillaume Bonamy, a French citizen living in Oslo, Norway.

I have roamed the Earth for ten years now, recording all the beauty it deigns to share. Be it just round the corner or around a mountainside, in the heart of a forest or the bowels of a casino, I take note of those moments of shared joy, sorrow, of discoveries and meetings.

Guided by nature for the choice of tools, media, supports and composition, for the most appropriate means to maintain our dialogue and record my impressions. Each moment, each place unique, with its own particular language that I try to put down on paper by drawing or painting. From California to Hawaii, France, Spain, Germany, Malaysia or Norway I recorded, translated and interpreted.

I have lived in Oslo since April 2008. Here, life is characterised by a contrasting nature and changing climate. The topics are varied, and you have to learn patience to catch each moment in order to tame this city. The many activities on offer in Oslo are often linked to nature, and the sketches do not escape this rule.

From the marina that wakes from its winter sleep in April, to the sound of the repairing of ship hulls, the cross-country ski trails directly accessible from the city's metro line, the bars with their terraces full of people in summer, and even in wintertime, when the customers keep warm will under blankets, the colourful islands around the city front or the fjord with its permanent flow of sea traffic, Oslo lives, and every day I discover a little more."

• Guillaume's blog.
• Guillaume's art on flickr.


gabi campanario said...

bienvenue Guillaume, look forward to seeing your beautiful drawings here!

robbe said...

a second globetrotter in this month's addition of members. there seems to be a theme here.
je te souhaite la bienvenue, Guillaume

Cristina said...

Neat! Very comic-book like :)

sanjeev joshi said...

i have seen your blog and i was just blown away!! you have a fantastic control on pencil.the tonal values are so very correct and beautiful.congrats and welcome to usk.

szaza said...


gary amaro said...

Hi Guillaume. I noticed your work for the last sketchcrawl. Great stuff! Welcome aboard.

Frida said...

Velkommen ;)

Geoff said...

Impressive work. I look forward to seeing more of your magic!

lapin said...

sublime de revisiter oslo en feuilletant tes carnets (et l'italie splendide). je serai ravi de te rencontrer si je devais y retourner.