August 30, 2009

Portland, OR Central Library

As always, from my sketchbook, drawn at the Portland Central Library. I love this place. I do sometimes like adding labels and of course phrasing via mocked letterforms. I'm a former designer so this is only a natural for me.

Was fortunate enough to go to the NY Public Library this July. Was actually in between mtgs. that day and I needed a place to dry out as I was soaked from those July downpours in NYC. Saw a class of students ( NY Marymount I believe it was?) doing a drawing lesson there, so I walked around to the various positions they took and questioned them about what type of perimeters the instructor was giving them. ( see, I'm an instructor) Most wished they could be working smaller in the standard sketchbook vs. on the big 18" x 24" pad of newsprint. I can understand.

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Matt J said...

Lovely collage image