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Friday, August 28, 2009

Morning drawing in Buenos Aires.

Morning drawing with morning coffee is traditional for me when we travel. I sit over my coffee with my books and the newspaper within easy reach.

Sometimes the cross-cultural juxtapositions can be jarring. Reading in one language about what should feel like home to you can be unsettling.

Back to the book I guess.

Siempre es asi. 24-27 Agosto, 2009.

Leyendo. 20-23 Agosto, 2009.

Sketchblog: DayBooks.


bh yoo said...

I've no patience to write letters in a drawing. You did well which I admired. Great!

jerry waese said...

the resonance in these drawings is uncanny, something sustained and penetrating, harmonious, honest

Sharon Frost said...

I like drawing text. And thanks Jerry!

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