June 29, 2009

Meet the correspondents: GHENT, BELGIUM > Robbe Vervaeke

trainstation restaurant

"I started sketching about a year and a half ago. I've always loved drawing from reality, but it took something more to get me to start carrying my sketchbook everywhere with me. A friend of mine started a sketching blog, and I suppose I have become one of the most enthusiastic members. Now I can't let go of my moleskine. I bring it everywhere I go. I have made it a habit to arrive everywhere I go early, so I can sketch. In bars, on trains, whenever I have got nothing really on my hands, I'm sketching.

I graduated from animation at the KASK in Ghent last year. Long ago, I decided to try and become an artist rather than an animator. The thing that drew me into animation wasn't Disney. I have never really seen a Disney film. It was the fact I love film, I love drawing, and I met William Kentridge. So I put two and two together, and here I am. It's an unusual choice, but the most interesting things can be found in places you would never look.

I have this unhealthy obsession with oil paints, I can't really let it go. I'm that type of person that always has to stay busy, you know the type. I'm trying to work as an independent filmmaker. At the moment I'm pitching a short animation film project made entirely in oil paints. Imagine being a painter inside the fine borders of film.

Sketching is the thread that holds it all together. I love it, I'm obsessed with sketching. It combines this unique and intense way of looking at people and places, to film, to animation, to painting. I sketch for my own benefit. I'm constantly trying to improve.

I believe that, if I improve my sketching abilities, all areas of my work will benefit from it. And I don't think I'll ever be able to quit.

I live in Belgium, and I commute a lot. I sleep in a small town called Deerlijk, but I do everything else in Ghent. I travel around inside of Belgium a lot, wherever I go, I report it in my sketchbook. From everyday life on trains to the big museums in the area, I draw everything I see."

• Robbe's blog.
• Robbe's art on Flickr.
• Robbe Vervaeke's drawings at Gentschetsts blog.
• Robbe's graduation short film "erszebet".


gabi campanario said...

welcome on board Robbe! you are incredibly talented and are going to go far, the trailer of your movie is brilliant. can't wait to see more of your drawings here!

szaza said...

Nice to meet you— your sketches are stunning!

Greetings from Istanbul.

AVBK said...

hoi Robbe
Love your work!

Cathy Gatland said...

Your sketches are wonderful, and how great that William Kentridge inspired you into new directions. (I saw him in a shop here once, but was too awe-struck to say hello!)

jerry waese said...

i like how the people above the rail are all outline
looks like they are illustration, makes foreground more real

TIA said...

oh i like William Kentridge. He was big when I was in NYC in 2001-2003. It was at PS21 and New Museum if I remember correctly. Greetings from Singapore.

robbe said...

i met kentridge in gent, he was directing an opera. very diverse man.
thanks for the warm welcome,

i must say i'm a but dense about showing my work for the first time.

matthew_c said...

Welcome to Usk Robbe, greetings from Victoria.

Isabel said...

welcome to Usk looking forward to your posts

HeartFire said...

very nice sketch and happy to meet you

claudio feldman said...

your link is out ?
Nothing to see there ?