June 27, 2009

a litre of sudwerk märzen

a litre of sudwerk

Boy it's hot. So in the evening I cycled to downtown Davis, took in the warm evening air, live bands were out playing tribute to Michael Jackson in their best non-Jacko sounding indie acoustic guitar. I cycled off and went to Sudwerk, the local German-style brewpub, whose locally-brewed beers are excellent. I would miss them a lot if I ever moved back to Britain, they don't have anything that comes close back there. My favourite of all is the Märzen, a nice big litre of which is pictured above. Very refreshing!


gabi campanario said...

i've been enjoying some Hefeweizen myself, but i'm fine with just the 16 oz.!

petescully said...

ah, it had been a very long time since i went and had a 'Mass' or litre of beer here, so I was looking forward to it. Very German, or Bavarian at least. The glasses are just so heavy though! Sudwerk do a nice hefe too.