June 16, 2009

From Art Basel

Art Basel closed this weekend. It's one of the great international art fairs - nearly 300 galleries, 2,500 artists, 61,000 collectors, dealers, artists, curators and general browsers - and a market where there are still buyers. All the big art world figures were there, fresh from the opening of the Venice Biennale the week before, along with celebrity figures such as Roman Abramovich, Brad Pitt and Naomi Campbell. Sales were surprisingly buoyant, but is it a sign of the end of the recession, or the bounce of a dead cat?


Don McNulty said...

I really enjoy your drawings James, thanks for sharing. Also like the bouncing dead cat image.

olha pryymak said...

you are so lucky to be able to go up there! Are you planning to turn these beauties into color?

jerry waese said...

not sure how high a dead cat bounces, but I like the dance of rooves and windows in your work