May 31, 2009

Sunday morning at the church of coffee



This morning I went to the "church of coffee" Starbucks near where I live in the Seattle suburbs. I met my friend Pete there. He's an industrial designer and is just getting the urban sketching bug. After coffee we moved across the street for a sketch of the singular architecture of the coffee house, where instead of bells on the church-looking tower you get the twin-tale mermaid logo. Pete did a good job, I hope he'll get a Flickr account going soon and join in the fun.


Lok said...

I like how often your sketches have this very nice balance of 'things' and space. They also look like you have a good time doing them - which is probably the most important thing. Hope it's contagious.

marina said...

Sketching the sketcher - beautiful drawings! It will be great to see Pete's point of view on the same church.

Isabel said...

great sketch Gabi