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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet the correspondents: PENANG, MALAYSIA > Kiah Kiean

"I was born and live in Penang, Malaysia. I was trained as an architect but currently work as a graphic designer in Penang.

I love art. I started doing urbanscape sketching since the school time. At first, my sketches are for recording ideas purpose and as a visual diary for myself. Later I found that my sketches can be a complete art work and I started doing a series of sketches of my hometown, George Town. In 2008, George Town was formally inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

My tools for sketching are 6B-9B graphite and pencils, and I will finish my works outdoor on the spot. I am currently working on a series of George Town streetscapes. The paper format is long and horizontal. I found that the format fits well with the subject of streetscapes.

'Art makes life beautiful', this is my belief and practice."

• Kiah's blog & website.


gabi campanario said...

welcome Kiah! can't wait to see and learn more about Penang and Malaysia thru your drawings!

Kiah Kiean said...

Thanks, i will post more sketches on my blog :)

Isabel said...

welcome Kiah visited your blog and loved it your sketches look great and open another window to a different country. looking forward to seeing your posts

jerry waese said...


TIA said...

嘉強, greetings from Singapore,欢迎。我是郑文心,你的邻居。

stupot said...

welcome from Scotland - love tothose Cameron Highlands! Loved visiting KL and Pangkor but looking forward to learning about Penang.

Lok said...

Went to your blog to see some more work.. Very expressive sketches - I love the build up of wild lines in certain areas. Looking forward to see more man.

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Welcome! I love the "bubble lens" effect in your sketch!

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