May 31, 2009

Meet the correspondents: LONDON > Barry Jackson

"I’ve been drawing for 30 years, off and on. I was trained as a graphic designer, and that’s where I first encountered drawing seriously (before that it was mostly pictures of Spitfires, Jaguars, Marvel comics, Buddy Holly, and then pastiches of Aubrey Beardsley, Georges Rouault, Picasso, etc.)

As life went on and got more complicated, drawing slipped into the background. A bit like my old guitar, I’d haul it out now and then in holiday times. Partly because of lack of time, and partly because I wasn’t very good, in my eyes. I’ve got dozens of sketchbooks with lots of wasted pages!

Gradually, painting, and then drawing have reasserted themselves over the last few years (along with the guitar-playing). For 6 or 7 years I’ve been painting, mostly landscapes in Scotland, and now I’m semi-retired I draw a lot as well, and I’m very engaged in drawing and printmaking about London.

I’ve been taking classes this year at the Prince’s Drawing School and that’s given me a terrific boost – seeing other people’s approach to the same area is always interesting. I use a range of media and a range of supports. I like to draw big – on a board as well as use a variety of sketch book sizes – like many drawers, I take a delight in the kit, and a new kind of pencil or sketchbook can generate a childish enthusiasm. I don’t seem to have developed a single style like many artists – I can’t seem to settle down into one way of making drawings. Each time I think I may have found “the” way, something else comes along. It means I’m often going out to draw with a big bag of different media. Keeps it all interesting though…"

• Barry's art on Flickr.
• Barry's website.


gabi campanario said...

welcome Barry!

Isabel said...

welcome Barry

alan said...

Your Flickr work is beautiful

olha pryymak said...

Barry, welcome! I've been going to PDS for courses as well! Friending you on Flickr to enjoy the updates