March 25, 2009

staring at the walls

Wooden walls, fountain soda; must be lunchtime at the Silo. I tend to sketch a lot there. On this day I stayed indoors, because my hay fever allergies were playing up. Seems early. I thought my hay fever was bad in Britain, but living in the Central Valley made me realise that that was like a little sneeze every now and then. Come May I am in permasneeze mode. I'm like the holiest man in Davis, everyone keeps blessing me. I worry when I'm having spells of non-sneezing. We're not at this wonderful time yet, but it's a coming.

So I lunch indoors, while outside we have pleasant mid-70s weather (not that I remember the mid-70s much). Carl's Jr, this was one of my favourite fast food restaurants when I first discovered America. You only get it in the west. The name doesn't make much sense (shouldn't it be Carl Jr's?) but it's a better name than Jack in the Box (ugh) and In-n-Out Burger (I prefer my food to stay in a bit longer). Reminds me of the Happy Eater in the UK, remember them? Motorway restaurants, whose glowing sign was a face with a finger down its throat? Or the French chain known as 'Flunch', which is coincidentally exactly the same sound you make when throwing up into a bucket. But Carl's Jr, yes, it's very nice.

I'll get back to my sneezing...

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Chris said...

What about Doggie Diner? Used to love the big dog