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March 28, 2009

Meet the correspondents: TORONTO > Jerry Waese

"I don’t know why but I have always loved art, and being able to show something to another person – to describe things handily with a few implements.

A black crayon was critical by 7 years of age but clay or plasticine was also a big favorite as a child.

As a student I was crazy for black pens and I doodled figures and shapes in all my texts, even organic chemistry. My guide was Hokusai and his Manga.

Later I scraped pens and pencils into the makeshift plywood desks at construction sites, during my stint as a house builder, and I went cuckoo with duplication techniques like reducing photocopiers or diazo printers.

Later it was computers and animation – the RGB of individual pixels and rectangular bit blit operations in graphic chips, tv show animation, robot vision and multilayer paintbox computer stop frame claymation.

How did I not know that I needed to draw and paint until I was in my 40’s?

I love color movement and shape:

In the last two years I have been sketching as my painting studio is not set up and I can’t crank out works on canvas so easily, but I really love the small paper format, (mostly seven inch by seven inch books) the portable kit., and the treasure that a 160 page sketchbook becomes once it is filled.

I am working in my ninth such book now and I am back to a deep appreciation of the crayon, especially the black crayon.

Every jacket has at least some form of sketchbook in it, and a pen or pencil and a sharpener."

• Jerry's art on Flickr.


patrick said...

this tramway is beautiful and I like it, please see mine

Fouad Dakhouch said...

hi Jerry.
I like this powerful colors.
Nice sketches.

TIA said...

like your works in Flickr, looking forward to your posts.

Asnee said...

welcome Jerry, had been following oyur works in flickr as well, glad to see more of them here

James Hobbs said...

I love your drawings - very direct and energetic.

gabi campanario said...

welcome Jerry!

Don McNulty said...

Drawing stuff in every jacket - good man, you are doing it Jerry - living the life. I greatly admire your drawings Hope you post lots of them.

enrique said...

Welcome Jerry. I´ve been a long time admirer of your work

Isabel said...

welcome Jerry really happy to see you here looking forward to your posts

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Welcome aboard, Jerry, you're going to have a ball. I love your tram and look forward to more!

veronica lawlor said...

Welcome! I love the energy in your work, look forward to seeing more.

matthew_c said...

Welcome Jerry, looking forward to seeing more of Toronto. Your work has great vitality.

Laureline said...

So glad to see you here permanently! I've been a fan since I first saw your stuff on Flickr.

jerry waese said...

hi people - i forgot to check for comments, this is great
i feel so international now with all you great artistes!!!
i am like an April fool with exuberance - really!