March 29, 2009

Meet the correspondents: ANGOULÊME, France > Thibault Balahy

"I live in Angoulême, France, and create comics. I also teach design to art students. My love for drawing is an old passion for seeing and understanding eveything around me by the way of line. But drawing on sketchbooks is a new thing for me. I began to fill notebooks in my city with a friend —a very good watercolour artist— four or five years ago.

It's a good thing to improve my drawings by observing the landscapes, architecture, human posture, faces and so on. My notebook follows me and I put in my impressions. I can draw in different places: rock festivals, cultural events, or in ordinary places: at home, in a café, on the beach. For me it's a time to take a breath and concentrate, like a little meditation. It's my contemplative side. I'm looking for a kind of spontaneity, trying to capture things quickly. I'm looking for a "live" drawing, and a drawing of life.

I also like the communication and reaction that I get from other people's sensitivity, whether they tell me in person or on the blog."

• Thibault's blog.
• Thibault's art on Flickr.
• Thibault's website.
• Thibault's comics.


lapin said...

welcome m. b!

Balahy said...


Fouad Dakhouch said...

Salut Thibault.
J'aime le design de votre site. et je vois que vous avez été à Marrakech, le Maroc est un pays de beaucoup contrastes.
InshaAllah, la prochaine fois que vous allez, visite Essaouira.
Salutations et enchanté

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Welcome! I'm really going to enjoy your sketches, I can tell!

TIA said...

Welcome Thibault, greetings from Singapore.

Balahy said...

Thank you fouad, Kate an Tia.

> fouad : je suis allé à Essaouira que j'ai adoré (bientôt des images ici, sinon elles sont déjà sur mon blog).

Isabel said...

welcome and looking forward o see your posts

stupot said...

great blog Thibault. Bienvenue.

Laureline said...

Bienvenue, Thibault! Your work is lovely. I enjoyed reading your story here, too.

gabi campanario said...

bienvenue, i love your style!

Balahy said...

Thank you all!

Donald Maier said...

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