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Monday, March 30, 2009

la torre asinelli

les tours de bologna
spending 3 days in bologna with miguel, anah, and andrea, I was hypnotise by the towers of the city. here are the tallest, la torre asinelli, 97 meters, was built during the XIIº century. miguel told me that during the middle age, you get 80 towers in bologna, it must be a kind of medieval manhattan.
I found that picture of what it must looks like… it makes me dream.


Lynne Chapman said...

Fantastic drawing! Love the feel of your lines. Well done for fitting it all in too.

Were you in Bologna for the Book Fair by any chance?

lapin said...

merci Lynne, and yes, I was at the book fair =:)

free[k]hand said...

The Tower is much more amazing seeing you drawing it and I was there, ha!

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

What an amazing place! Thank you for sharing it with us...

marina said...

What a magical buildings! Great drawing!

Asnee said...

how could i miss this!
WOW !!!

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