March 29, 2009

in the spring of last year

Last year in April I was in Freiburg, Germany visiting my daughter. The houses were beautiful with pastel tone colors and calm atmosphere. I sketched at park , in church. In Meintal West where I stayed at Korean's house. I sketched the entrance seen from the second story across the street because the straight dark blue color was very impressive.

At zoo in Frankfurt am Main I rested a while in a bench with a big yellow umbrella. It was so shiny and the color was very beautiful with green woods. After knowing this Urban Sketchers site, I think that I can do better in different views when I go abroad in the future.


Lynne Chapman said...

These are all gorgeous. The colour is so wonderfully loose and sketchy. Love the warm yellows in the bottom one!

bh yoo said...

Thanks! I remember the yellow color so vividly still.