February 26, 2009

Urban mothers

I drew this while waiting for my 3 and a half years old daughter as she was taking ballet (!) classes. Sometimes I thought: isn't it too early for them to participate in all these yoga, capoeira and tai-chi stuff? But here I am, also inside of it, telling to myself: she's enjoying it so much, so why not?


Isabel said...

great coloring don't know what to say, I used to play outside all the time as a kid there were no place for scheduled things

gabi campanario said...

i love how you draw Marina, seemingly effortless lines. your daughter is about the same age as mine —she'll be 4 in July— and she wants to take ballet classes too!

marina said...

thank you both!

gabi, it's cool! my daughter will be 4 in August. I loved you "urban fathers" report!