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February 24, 2009

under the brown fog of a winter dawn

holding water
Sketched from the stairwell at work, this is the UC Davis water tower, the Space Needle of Davis. Our answer to the Fernsehturm, or the BT Tower. Well, you can see it from the freeway, and that's how you know there's a city there. It doesn't have a revolving restaurant either, just a big load of water. It's our local landmark, I suppose. We need the water; there's been a little bit of rain lately, but might not be enough to prevent a drought and shortages this summer in the Central Valley.
Oh, it was not foggy, nor was it dawn, but in fact sunny and lunchtime. But the title seemed appropriate.


Isabel said...

great view and pen work

Laureline said...

Funny guy. Love the text as well as your sketch.

gabi campanario said...

nice space needle you guys have there! it just needs the needle at the top and the restaurant, other than that it fully deserves a historic landmark designation!

Alain Bertin said...

Unforgettable water tower !