February 27, 2009

Meet the correspondents: TAIPEI > Liu Wen Xiang

"I used to get quite bored during meetings while working in the advertising company, so I started to sketch during meetings to ease my boredom.

As I doodle and sketch, meetings to me are not boring anymore. Today as I walk out of the meeting rooms, I find myself sketching not just about Taiwan but also the countries I have visited.

To be able to sketch and draw is a blessing, it is far better than using a camera which is disallowed in some places. "

• Wen's blog.
• Wen's art on Flickr.


gabi campanario said...

welcome Wen! i've been a fan of your work since I discovered your drawings on Flickr a while back. i love the energy and immediacy of your work

TIA said...

Welcome, you can still write in Chinese, that will make USK very fun!

Isabel said...

welcome wen great to see your sketchs here love your brush work and the blues

Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing your posts from taiwan!

bh yoo said...

Welcome! You found a good way to escape from boredom - doodling and sketching. Looking forward to seeing your works more.

你說的都對 said...


thanks all, i'm great to join you

Cathy Gatland said...

Lovely brush sketch - better than a camera for sure!

Donald Maier said...

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