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February 27, 2009

empty plots, stray dogs and still trucks

A new road is being built in Nouakchott It goes from Ilot K, area where I live, to Las Palmas where my partner has his Auberge Sahara. I went walking along it the other day as its still very nice temperatures (not too hot) and found a pack of stray dogs just laying there. Behind them is this enormeous space of empty land where soon they'll probably start to build.

As I reach the tarmac road I can see all the trucks parked. Its been a couple of weeks since they did any work in the road, rumour has it that the gouvernment has run out of money but I've noticed just a couple of days ago that there was some pedestrian walks beeing done in a different area.


gabi campanario said...

nice wide scene views isabel an a good reminder to be thankful for roads

Archiartist Lee said...

Quiet mood makes me feel good. I like your pure presentation.

bh yoo said...

Every time I see your drawings, I feel that you have a very delicate and lyrical style. Enjoyed.

Cathy Gatland said...

You give such a good feeling of space, Isabel, with much going on within it!

Isabel said...

thank you all for your comments