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January 27, 2009

Sketching the sketcher and other sketches

I did one of these self portraits before but that was on a train, I haven't really gone to do a long sketch on the bus but tried this one out today since the bus journey was rather long, around 30 minutes. I even got a fellow passenger to take me a picture.

I have used the mechanical 0.5 rotring HB visu-pencil for these sketches in my A6 Daler Rowney sketchbook.


Don McNulty said...

These are super pencil drawings, also like all the related info. I am fascinated by what people use. I am a little guilty of thinking if I use the same my work will be just as good, but I know better, Thx for sharing.

gabi campanario said...

always inspiring to be bold and not shy to draw in public Adebanji! great!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Sitting on the Central Line during a quiet bit of the day blurs my features nicely - which is when I attempt a self-portrait like this

I've just been saying to James that it might be nice to try and do a London Correspondents' mini Sketchcrawl at some point.

How about it?

Anonymous said...

I love your sketches and find journeys on the tube and bus all the more interesting as I'm looking out for people drawing away. Haven't seen you or any other brave sketchers yet!

adebanji said...

DON-I don't think it is bad to think that way. I think that way too and it encorauges me to get certain effects that I see others get in their work.
Thanks GABI!
KATHERINE- that sounds fantastic!
ANON-Keep watching and if you track the routes I take you might see me or some others one day!

Bill Sharp said...

Always terrific portraits. And it's fun to see the photo of you stalking your prey.

A Brush with Color said...

I love that! Wonderful job!

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

I love your self portrait...your expression is wonderful. And you make me wish we had a subway! ;-P

adebanji said...

BS, BWC and CJ- Thanks!

CJ- How comes you don't have a subway?