January 29, 2009

Meet the correspondents: MONTREAL Marc Holmes

Paraty_Sketching_Snaps (2)

Hey everyone! Pleased to meet you!

I’m a freelance artist in the games and film industry, currently living in Montreal, Quebec. I'm also the author of The Urban Sketcher: Techniques for Seeing and Drawing on Location. I've had the privilege of being one of the team of volunteer instructors at the Urban Sketchers symposiums in Lisbon, Santo Domingo, Barcelona, and Paraty. And for a time I was on the USk board, briefly serving as Secretary, today I've stepped back to the Advisory Board.

I’m kind of a late-starter as a sketcher; finally becoming a full time artist at age 40. Part of my method of self-re-training has been obsessive daily sketching – either from the figure model, from imagination, or by placing myself in exotic locales. After a few years of inveterate sketching it’s become a lifestyle.


I have a short attention span, so sketching and designing has always been my ideal form of expression. For me, the artist’s gestural line carries a lot of feeling that can be lost in protracted work. I started keeping sketchbooks while traveling, as a way of recording my experiences in foreign cities, while simultaneously calming my fidgety attention. Sketching actually lets me slow down and pay attention to things. It’s probably gotten a bit out of hand — often, I won’t even stop drawing during a conversation with friends… oh well! What can you do?!

Thanks for checking out Urban Sketchers, and I hope we inspire to to go drawing!


• Marc's Urban Sketching blog: Citizen Sketcher.
• Marc's figure drawing blog (note, artistic nudity, nsfw).
• Marc's book on Urban Sketching with North Light Books.


Liz Steel said...

Welcome! I love your work and totally agree with your comment about gestural lines. I too draw while talking to friends. Looking forward to your posts.

Isabel said...

welcome! allready know your work from flickr and happy to see you here. I'm a late starter as well and just draw from observation since 2004, so what! looking forward to your posts.

stupot said...

Nice one Marc - looking forward to seeing more of your trees! nice style

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

WOW, Mark, love the surety of your lines! (And love San Francisco, too, though I've only been there twice.) Welcome aboard!

lapin said...

your blog is incredible, welcome here!

szaza said...

I look forward to seeing your fabulous drawings of my former home :)

TIA said...

Greetings! Familiar SF landmark and thanks for the memories. Great sketch!

petescully said...

Your work's great, really cool, welcome on board!

Khaled said...

i really am in love with ur style
its dare and free