January 28, 2009

have you seen the little piggies

It's cold here in California right now (though probably not as cold as where you might be; we're spoilt with mild winters). Cold and sunny. I got outside for a bit during lunchtime on the UC Davis campus and persuaded the micron pen to come out to play. The ink is very reluctant in the cold, I am finding. This is part of the Silo complex, where sometimes I eat lunch and draw pictures. Urban Davis. The building to the left is the newly renovated Hog Barn (or Pig House, or whatever; I don't know why it needed renovating, maybe it got blown down by the big bad wolf). No pigs here now. There are cows, though, not far away. Davis is famous for them. Scientists do funny experiments with them. Some of them have windows in their stomachs, or so the rumour goes.

I've heard of windows to the soul but to the belly?


Pica said...

Pete -- the pig house was really falling down, not sure if you ever saw it when it was where the Maths building is now. If they want to put Staff Development in there (which I think is the plan) they had to make it human-habitable.

And, yes, the cows do have windows. Some of them. I've seen them. Strong stomach required.

tarosan said...

Hey Pete! Met you briefly at a Sketchcrawl in SF - cool to be seeing your stuff around...so ya...that's about it :) Hi! and lets go drawing sometime !