January 29, 2009

Commuter types


I think these two Seattle commuters are representative of two types of commuters everywhere: the guy who can't keep his eyes away from the cellphone and the sleep-deprived worker whose head bounces back and forth every other while (I fit that profile most of the days lately.)

I sat across the first one on Monday and across the second one on Tuesday. Both days the bus was packed and I wasn't planning to sketch, but I somehow managed to get these done —color added later. More sketches of commuters on my 'riding the bus' Flickr set.


Stephen Gardner said...

These are so great Gabi, you do really good hands which I still struggle with. I think my next post has to be subway drawings

Isabel said...

with an economy of lines you really managed to convey their moods ,love the "patillas"

petescully said...

Not living in a big city any more, i sometimes miss commuting. I used to read a lot more when i had a bus or tube journey. Now i'm at work in five minutes.