December 29, 2008

Toronto City Hall

Toronto City Hall, originally uploaded by mc_bds.

Toronto came of age in the 1960's and this building represented the new modern spirit of the city in architectural form.
The city commisioned the Scandinavian Architect Viljo Revell to build the new city hall after he won an international design competition.
Toronto has grown tremendously since this was built and is now the focus of a very cosmopolitan megalopolis stretching all along the western edge of lake Ontario and beyond.
It has the genuine "buzz" that only a true metropolis can give you.


Archiartist Lee said...

Nearly half a hundred years ago you've got such a modern and great city hall. It doesn't look inferior to the contemporary buildings even a bit. The architect, Viljo Revell must have gone ahead of the times. Nice drawing.

Tiffany said...

An awesome sketch to go along with an awesome city. Very nice.

Tiffany said...
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stupot said...

well done with the curves!

OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Very nice, I was actually right in that very spot onot too long did it justice with your work. :)