December 3, 2008

At the Duck Soo Palace, Seoul, Korea

Several kings in later period of Lee dynasty(1392-1910) used this Duck Soo Palace as their government office discussing with the high officials who stood in nine rows followed by ranks. The stones were marked as 'the 1st rank', 'the 2nd rank'....This historical palace locates across the city hall of Seoul. During lunch time many neighboring office workers come to the palace for enjoying and resting. Because of its beauty and accessibility many Koreans and foreign tourists visit. The American Ambassador's residence "Habib House", Seoul City Museum, Chung Dong Church(established on 1885 by Henry Gerhard Appenzeller), the Russian Legation, Ehwa high School, the Episcopal Church of Korea, the Salvation Army HQ, and other historical buildings locate around the Palace. The long stone wall covered with fallen leaves is very beautiful at autumn.


Sharon Frost said...

So spontaneous -- yet has weight.

bh yoo said...

Thanks, Sharon. I often visit there and sketch because it locates in the center of Seoul.