December 30, 2008

Meet the correspondents: NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania > Isabel Fiadeiro

"I started sketching in my trip to Mauritania at the end of 2003. When in Nouakchott for the first time I became aware how things could change so fast or lose its impact by just being there all the time, so I started recording things that might change or disappear.

I'm mostly interested in drawing the people, but, little by little, I also started sketching the town, the markets, the crowds and then the landscapes. It's like a new way of looking and revisiting places plus it's a very good way of making contact with others. I moved to Nouakchott in February 2004."

• Isabel's blog.
• Isabel's art on Flickr.
• Isabel's Nouakchott sketchbook.
• Isabel's sketchbook about Saharawi women in exile.


hfm said...

Parabéns! Bom ano de 2009!

flevolaf said...

There is a special atmosphere in your drawings. I especially like "Eunice e Constancia".

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Glad to have you with us, Isabel! I'll look forward to seeing Mauritania--your sketch is lovely.

matthew_c said...

Welcome Isabel !
I really look forward to seeing more of Africa through your eyes.

Isabel said...

Thank you'all I'm really happy to be here and enjoying seeing all the work at urbansketchers

bh yoo said...

Welcome Isabel, you added another joy to all urbansketchers!

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RUY_a said...

Olá Eduardo,

Gostava de começar a pintar em aguarela.

Sabe se posso encontrar na Internet dicas (ou algum curso) de como iniciar?