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December 3, 2008

In a conference at LaCasaEncendida

Comics authors, organizers, visitors and guests at one of the Avantcomic´08 conference about publishing comics in Korea. At this point, I feel that anything goes as far as having an excuse to grab my sketchbook and draw people... It all happened last October at LaCasa Encendida, one of my favourite cultural centers in Madrid.


João Catarino said...

Its a real pleasure open this window with this color explosion, beautiful again!

4ojos said...

No jodas, si yo también estuve!

marina said...

I love your color spots! Great portaits, as always!

Richard Câmara said...

João e Marina,

Thanks :) All thanks to "Ecoline" watercolors...

Para que veas como Madrid es una aldea... :)