November 20, 2008

Yellow Silver Birches at the Tate

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I said in my introduction how I like to try and find the green places in an urban environment. One of my favourite green places - the forecourt to Tate Modern - is very minimal but has some great silver birches.

Yesterday they were incredibly yellow.

This is the view of the yellow leafed silver birches next to the Thames from the 7th floor of Tate Modern - it's a great place to sketch from. That empty table was mine.

Did you all see Charley Parker's great review of Urban Sketchers in Lines and Colors yesterday?


marina said...

Beautiful yellow! I would love be there - I'm missing autumn colors!

Veronica Lawlor said...

I love the silver birches.

Ea Ejersbo said...

Very nice colour pencil work.

laureline said...

Wonderful and so very you!

Tyler Street said...

What a delight! Today I am back at home on the U.S. west coast, but last Monday the 24th I visited the Tate Modern for the first time. The trees were yellow just as you show them (and then there were Rothko's juicy colors indoors...). I took a photo from the members' cafe as rain and clouds gave way to beautiful light on the river, St. Pauls and the city. And here I find the same view on the Urban Sketchers site! Thank you for these pictures, especially your beautiful trees!