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November 25, 2008

Vancouver Granville Island

Just got back from doing a book-launch in Vancouver which is such a beautiful city. I had time to do a few sketches while there.

Main and Broadway

Did these ink straight to paper. No pencils or planning. I think it adds a nice uncertainty to the drawings.

Flight: Vancouver to Montreal


Don McNulty said...

Great to see these familiar places drawn so well.

RaSh said...

No shading, no fill, no texture. Even then the sketches look perfect!

Loved your style!

Douglas said...

Great sketches. What kind of ink? Maybe just a ball point pen?

Matthew Forsythe said...

Yep. Just a pen. Maybe felt tipped?

Ryan said...

Nice...really like your style! Pen with no planning is the only way to draw.

matthew_c said...

Very nice sketches - I love the style.
Will have to get over to Van soon myself to do some sketches.

Richard Câmara said...

Great plain indoor view of the passengers and seats. I travel by air regularly and this sketch is - to say the least- perfect! I love the simple details that make it so "real" (like the seat´s belt, the chair´s arm ashtray...etc.)


marina said...

Oh, I love these love blue pen drawings!

szaza said...

Nice work!