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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Old Town Bar

This is another one of New York's great old bars and the one I seem to spend the most time in. It's on 18th st between Park and Broadway and has been around since 1892. One of the interesting stories about this grand old place is that the ceiling was last painted white in 1952 (when the bars were made to close on election day), untouched since then it is now dark brown from all those years of cigarette and cigar smoke. You have got to love this bar.


bh yoo said...

I thank for US that I could feel the mood of such an old bar through your keen eyes and hands.

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks Bh this is one of my favorite places to draw, I have many more sketches of this place to share.

Sharon Frost said...

I used to love this bar when I still lived in Manhattan. Thanks for drawing it!

Stephen Gardner said...

I can assure you Sharon, it was my pleasure.

Rick said...

Love it - really like your work. What did the two gentlemen at the bar think?

We bought s ouse from people that smoked. We thought the shades were brown, but after washing them, discovered that they were white.

Stephen Gardner said...

Hey Rick, the guys at the bar never saw the drawing as I try to sketch in secrecy if possible. As for the smoke stains, they really are a sight to behold. Had I ever been a smoker I'm pretty sure the sight alone would have made me quit.

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