November 19, 2008

New correspondents

The Urban Sketchers network is growing. We have a few more correspondents joining the blog on Dec. 1st. Their introductions will be running over the next few days. Heres's a sneak peak at the talented group:

Antonia Neyrins — Paris, France.
Byung Hwa Yoo — Seoul, Korea.
Cathy Johnson — Kansas City.
Gérard Michel — Liège, Belgium.
Juliana Russo — São Paulo, Brazil.
Julie Oakley — St. Albans, UK
Karen Winters — Los Angeles, USA.
Lydia Velarde — San Diego, USA.
Liz Steel — Sydney, Australia.
Martin Etienne — Paris, France.
Melanie Reim — New York, USA.
Milind Mulick — Pune, India.
Quek See Hong — Singapore.

10 comments : said...

MELANIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How great to see you on here!
I looked at your site - incredible!

Love Margaret

Stephen Gardner said...

Welcome aboard Melanie, I'm thrilled you are a part of this. Also welcome to all the other new correspondents, I look forward to getting to know you all through your sketches.

juliana russo said...

Thanks Gabi,
it's really nice to be a part of that project,
Vida Longa!!
quem sabe um dia nos encontramos todos em algum lugar do mundo p se conhecer pessoalmente, ou até fazer uma grande exposição desses desenhos.....
não seria mal.....
abraço a todos

memi said...


We are drawing together again!!!!

You know that I always feel connected to you and the GREAT work that you are doing-
It already feels good to be connected again!
Thanks so much- I am really thrilled, too.
Your love of drawing is inspiring.

Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

Thank you for the invitation, Gabi! I was just thinking about you yesterday, as I prepared to sketch some REALLY odd old buildings in town here. Bowed, rounded rooflines--they look like overturned ships!

Delighted to see Karen, Lydia, Julie, and Liz on the new correspondents list--they're all cyberfriends of mine, and I love their work!

Karen Winters said...

Thanks for including me, Gabi.
I'm delighted to be in the company of so many good sketchers and good friends, to boot! I'm looking forward to sharing more of my corner of the world in greater Southern California, including LA.

Jo Fong said...

yay! i was wondering when an aussie would make the ranks!

how do you go about getting included in this blog?

lapin said...

bienvenues martin et antonia =:)

annie said...

Hooray for SoCal! :D San Diego, especially.

antonia said...

Merci Lapin !!!!