November 27, 2008

Meet the correspondents: SAN DIEGO > Lydia Velarde

"In the past, San Diego was a destination I chose for a short getaway. I loved visiting Balboa Park Museums, Coronado Island and the beaches and took many weekend trips here.

I have been a resident of North County San Diego for about 20 years now and still take pleasure visiting tourist attractions in San Diego.

While organizing paint out groups for an art club I have discovered many lovely spots in and around this city. We have beaches, mountains, and deserts which are all close enough for a day trip of sketching and painting.

My favorite medium is pen and ink with watercolor."

• Lydia's blog.
• Lydia's website.


Lynne Chapman said...

The bowling drawings are so quick and simple but have totally captured the place and the moment. Great!

Galeota said...


Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

I hear it's lovely there Lydia! I'm looking forward to seeing your on-the-spot work. (Still enjoying the artwork I got from you!)

Rob Carey said...

Looking forward to seeing your sketches of SD! Now that my brother has moved north I won't get down there as much- love this first sketch!

Donald Maier said...

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