November 30, 2008

Meet the correspondents: PARIS > Martin Etienne

"My name is Martin, I was born in the Normandy region of France and I currently live in Paris.

I have been an architect for ten years, but I prefer drawing rather than working. Perhaps that’s why I’m currently unemployed (my favourite job).

I’m neither an explorer nor a traveller who’s searching for something new all the time. I’m just a guy who loves to take advantage of his free-time to draw, most of the time at home, in bars, in the street or on trains… I sketch as I stroll.

I like to draw everyday things because I think if you look hard enough you can find a source of daydreaming in very simple things which are right in front of your eyes."

• Martin's blog.


JB said...

"if you look hard enough you can find a source of daydreaming in very simple things which are right in front of your eyes." -> that's so so true! I couldn't have expressed it better!

Laura Genz said...

Bienvenue... parisien en ballade de Normandie !

Lynne Chapman said...

I love the way this is so much about the sky! So hard to do with just simple, clean line but you totally pulled it off!

josé louro said...

Looks whos here!
Now this blog is realy hot!

Liz Steel said...

"An architect that prefers drawing rather than working" - I am one of those too though still working....

Edgardo Minond said...

Love your sketches!!! I'm an architect too and run my own office.
My project sketches are urbansketcher like, and clients love it

4ojos said...

Great blog you have. Welcome, martin

mayon said...

Félicitations Martin!
ça me paraît logique en même temps!!!
urban sketcher!


Pedro said...

Now I have two sites tofollow your great sketches. Jours Chomés et Urban Sketchers.

martin said...

hey! what a great welcome! thank you everybody

lapin said...

sacré loulou !

Don Low said...

Nice meeting you Martin!!

Schizzinosa said...

Beautifull drawings!!!!

Donald Maier said...

Please join us and tell your friends about:
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Don Maier

Stephanie Bower said...

Hello Martin,
I hope you get this message!

My name is Stephanie Bower and I am a Seattle Urban Sketch correspondent.

Last week I won a fellowship to France called the Gabriel Prize and will be sketching and painting in Paris for 3 months this summer. I am hoping to connect with the Paris Urban Sketcher group and attend your sketchcrawls!
When do you meet? I am hoping there might be people who would be interested in sketching together.

My contact information is
my flickr site is
website is
By the time I arrive in Paris in mid-May, I hope to have a blog up and running too.

Thanks for any help you can provide to connect with Paris sketchers!