November 29, 2008

Meet the correspondents: LONDON > Adebanji Alade

"I love the look of a plain page spread of my sketchbook, it gets me hungry to fill it with the people I see everyday on the trains, tube and buses in London. I go through the London Transport System armed with my biro or pencil and an A6 sketchbook looking at people's faces and I get high! I love everything about the human face and going through a multicultural city like London serves me with all I need to see, feel and explore. I love sketching on location because it trains my eye and hand co-ordination, something useful for me as a figurative/portrait painter. But most of all I just enjoy the experience of sketching with the people all around me watching, peeping, making comments, getting cross, smiling and best of all asking me to send the sketches to their mail boxes for their personal use!"

• Adebanji's blog.


gabi campanario said...

i can feel your joy for drawing just by looking at your work and reading your introduction, it's contagious! welcome!

Rick said...

I agree. There is something about a blank page, even a blank space on a blank page, that is very inviting and must be filled. How many meetings have I been to where I filled the agenda page with a doodle, or two, or three.

I enjoyed looking at your work.

adebanji said...

Thanks Gabi and Rick! This sketching site is almost turning to a love affair!

P.D. said...

You art and words are inspiring, and lovely!

I have never heard such a well description of how it feels to look at a spread of blank pages in a sketch pad, I can see your passion for art in what you say and that's lovely and wonderful!

I cannot wait for you to post more soon!

Sharon Frost said...

Beautiful portraits.

Olha Pryymak said...

hiiiiii! Welcome aboard! Great pleasure to have you for London fellow blogger :):)

adebanji said...

Thanks P.D. I really appreciate your comments! Stay tuned I'll be posting soon!

Sharon, thanks!

Thanks Olha!

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