November 25, 2008

"Me" time at Borders


Borders is a big chain of bookstores in the United States. Sometimes I go to the one near where I live on Saturday evenings after my kids have gone to sleep. I go to have some "me" time there.

One thing I love about this type of bookstore is that you can pick any magazine or book, find a good chair at the coffee shop area and read as long as you want to. After I was done with Seattle Magazine, Print, How, International Artist, and American Artist Drawing magazine —which I ended up buying—, I went back to the car and sketched and colored this view before going back home. I was a happy camper.

You can see a couple more drawings at Borders on my blog.


laureline said...

Good for you! LIttle hiatuses such as the one you describe are so energizing and so necessary. I love this sketch---that car is so elegant and simple.

João Catarino said...

Happy camper! I know that feeling, drawing is a good passport for that!
Realy nice this light.

matthew_c said...

Nice gabi - like the night sketch.