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November 27, 2008


As we walked from Central Park West past Snoopy and Dora the Explorer toward Columbus Avenue, Keith Haring's balloon came into view. I like it!  According to what I have read, Haring really wanted to have a balloon in the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Why did it take so long to make that happen? The guys on the side were checking the lines that hold the sandbags that weigh down the balloon. 
The float at the top is the new Smurf balloon.  A large pumpkin is behind the smurf.  Actually, as we walked down, it turned out that there were two large pumpkins!  Then comes Snoopy.  I do love Snoopy.  I used to make drawings of him when I was a kid. 


gabi campanario said...

i love these Marg! i'm glad they did a Keith Haring balloon, looks awesome

P.D. said...

I love the colors in the top drawing, it's so cheery and bright!