November 24, 2008

Bonecos de Bolso em Reguengos

Monsaraz is a beautiful fortified small town in Alentejo (Portugal). In every street and corner there are beautiful details to draw. Recently the building of a huge dam / reservoir has deeply changed the views to the neighborhood. Where there was only countryside you can see now an endlessly water surface.
MONSARAZ, Pátio da Cisterna
After posting some sketches I was invited by ADIM, a local association, to show my sketchbooks. This happened last summer in a cozy gallery called Casa dos Sapos and I was very happy with it. Next week the show will move to Reguengos, a neighbor town, and will be installed in an old granary, together with the wonderful photos of Jurgen Irp

You can find some more sketches of Monsaraz in BONECOS DE BOLSO


bh yoo said...

Simple and fresh as eastern traditional painting with enough margin.

gabi campanario said...

congratulations on the exhibit Pedro! great work! i hope i can visit Monsaraz one day

marina said...

I love how in few lines you build a space!

laureline said...

I love the way you often (though not always) give us views through narrow spaces ( doors, archways, windows) to the big world beyond.

juliana russo said...

Oi Pedro,
adorei os desenhos, a levesa do seu traço,
que bom fazer parte desse blog p conhecer muitos trabalhos lindos, sou apaixonada por desenho, gosto tanto de fazer quanto de ver um bom desenho,

free[k]hand said...

Minimal scenes, minimal drawings, I love so much the quiet atmosphere.

flevolaf said...

The way you use big white spaces is really enchanting

4ojos said...

I know Monsaraz and is a beautiful small town indeed

Nina Johansson said...

Lovely. You manage to capture these intricate places in such a simple and clean manner.

matthew_c said...

The bottom sketch is very evocative, I feel as if I'm there.