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November 26, 2008

all the leaves are brown

il pleut
The day before Thanksgiving here in California, the "busiest travel day of the year", and on there was a severe weather warning for the Sacramento valley. Severe weather. It said that there would be some rain, 30 or 40% chance. Some rain. After work, I braved the severe weather and walked downtown, dodging leaves as they fluttered gently to the slightly damp sidewalk. This is at the corner of 2nd and E. Happy Thanksgiving!


P.D. said...

This is amazing!
I love the tree, the golden brown is so pretty!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pedro said...

Very well painted tree. The whole drawing is beautiful.

Alessandro Andreuccetti said...

Love autumn season when the leaves are coloured with gold. beautiful sketch Pete, as always.

Lisa Reed said...

Too funny, Pete! I read this to my family and we roared. We always thought it was funny while living in the EastBay--to hear people talk about the weather was always amusing. A tiny spit from the sky and folks talked all about the BAD weather! Glad you made it safely through the falling damp leaves!Nice picture, too!

Stephen Gardner said...

Pete, you are as consistent as you are brilliant, great work again.