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October 9, 2008

Meet the correspondents: SAN FRANCISCO > Samantha Zaza

Samantha contributes from Istanbul since December of 2008.

"San Francisco is an incredibly diverse city, with so many kinds of people, styles of architecture and varying landscapes —it's very inspiring. Plus, we're fortunate to have a mild climate year-round that makes it a wonderful place for artists to draw outdoors, and perfect for people-watching. I particularly love drawing people in those forgettable moments, the unremarkable daily coffee at their usual café, the bus ride, the walk downtown. Those moments seem so private, so intimate and special, and I find that people are most relaxed in them, making it easier for me to create an interesting drawing. I generally use Micron and Bic pens, occasionally switching to a pencil, sometimes adding a bit of gouache or watercolor for fun."

• Samantha's art on Flickr.
• Samantha's website.


Tommy Kane said...

The site is starting to look great. I love Samantha's artwork. She is a great new discovery for me.

gabi campanario said...

Starting to see drawings here makes all the difference. Samantha's work was also a discovery for me, can't wait to see more drawings from Frisco!

szaza said...

Why thank you Tommy and Gabi :)

Donald Maier said...

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