October 7, 2008


Since Nov. 1st, 2008
Alessandro Andreuccetti — Florence, Italy
Álvaro Carnicero — Córdoba, Spain
Amanda Kavanagh — New York, USA
Asnee Tasna — Bangkok, Thailand
Ea Ejersbo — Århus, Denmark
Eduardo Salavisa — Lisbon, Portugal
Elizabeth Perry — Pittsburgh, USA
Ekaterina Khozatskaya — St. Petersbourg, Russia
Enrique Flores — Madrid, Spain
Florian Afflerbach — Stuttgart, Germany
Frida — Oslo, Norway
Gabi Campanario — Seattle, USA
Greg Betza — New York, USA
Joan Centellas — Monistrol de Montserrat, Barcelona. Spain
João Catarino — Lisbon, Portugal
Jason Das — New York, USA
João Pinheiro — Sao Paulo, Brazil
José Louro — Lisbon, Portugal
Katherine Tyrrell — London, UK
Lapin — Barcelona, Spain
Laura Genz — Paris, France
Laura Frankstone — Chapel Hill, North Carolina. USA
Lok Jansen — Tokyo, Japan
Margaret Hurst — New York, USA
Marina Grechanik — Tel-Aviv, Israel
Martha McEvoy — San Francisco, USA
Matthew Cencich — Victoria, Canada
Matt Forsythe — Montreal, Canada
Miguel Herranz — Bologna, Italy
Nina Johansson — Stockholm, Sweden
Nuno Branco — Madrid, Spain
Olha Pryymak — London, UK
Pedro Cabral — Lisbon, Portugal
Pete Scully — Davis, Calif. USA
Rob Carey — Kandern, Germany
Richard Câmara — Madrid, Spain
Sharon Frost — New York, USA
Samantha Zaza — Istanbul, Turkey
Simonetta Capecchi — Naples, Italy
Stephen Gardner — New York, USA
Stuart Kerr — Edinburgh, Scotland
Tin Salamunic — Richmond, Virginia. USA
Tommy Kane — New York, USA
Veronica Lawlor — New York, USA
Wil Freeborn — Glasgow, Scotland
Walt Taylor — Norfolk, Virginia. USA
Zhenia Vasiliev — Moscow, Russia

Since Dec. 1st, 2008
Antonia Neyrins — Paris, France
Byung Hwa Yoo — Seoul, Korea
Cathy Johnson — Kansas City
Gérard Michel — Liège, Belgium
Juliana Russo — São Paulo, Brazil
Julie Oakley — St. Albans, UK
Karen Winters — Los Angeles, USA
Lydia Velarde — San Diego, USA
Liz Steel — Sydney, Australia
Martin Etienne — Paris, France
Melanie Reim — New York, USA
Milind Mulick — Pune, India
Quek See Hong — Singapore
Adebanji Alade — London, UK
Christian Tribastone — Washington DC, USA
Edgardo Minond — Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rene Fijten — Maastricht, Netherlands
Tia Boon Sim — Singapore
Yong Hwan Lee — Seoul, Korea

Since Jan. 1st, 2009
Lynne Chapman — Sheffield, UK
Matt Jones — Nice, France
Isabel Fiadeiro — Nouakchott, Mauritania
Shiho Nakaza — Los Angeles, USA

Since Feb. 1st, 2009
Cathy Gatland, Johannesburg, South Africa.
James Hobbs, London, UK
Marc Holmes, San Francisco, USA
Claudio Lagos, Santiago, Chile
Mike Thomas, Denver, USA


ksklein said...

Wow. This seems to be a very interesting project. I just checked through the list of participating artists. SO many of them which I like are here.. szaza, tommy kane, woolgathering, gabi, Nina Johansson, lapin, pete scully, ...
and all the others who are new to me seem to be a great discovery too. thanks also for posting pics of ther artists. i like associating faces with the art.

Lorrie said...

I am so excited about the opportunity you will give us to see so many wonderful cities through the eyes of so many people who love them.

ksklein said...

btw: in case you want a participant from munich, germany i would love to join. :)
is there any possibility of joining the group?

here are some of my urban sketches:
pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4, pic 5, pic 6, pic 7, pic 8, pic 9

not sure whether some of them are urban sketches (like single houses or the inside of a museum stores) though

Mark Kaufman said...


What a wonderful idae, and what an awesome team of correspondents.

Love it!

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a participant from San Diego, CA USA. I'm all over it.
Dani Dodge

Hillary said...

What an exciting time we are in for, the promise of seeing the world through others eyes. New Zealand is not so far away then. It might even motivate the rest of us to have a go.

Michelle Himes said...

What a great blog! I found it thru Katherine Tyrell's blog and it kept me sitting here looking at the wonderful sketches and reading the stories that go with them for an hour. It was a fun way to spend a morning, and has inspired me to grab my sketchbook before I go out on my walk today.

Joji Jacob said...

Hi, any chance that I can join? I live in Singapore and sketch. Thanks,