October 24, 2008

Meet the correspondents: VICTORIA > Matthew Cencich

"My work in the architectural field requires amazing patience before a project is actually realized. With site sketching there is a much more immediate payback — the intense effort of seeing and scratching lines onto paper gives great and immediate satisfaction (sometimes!). I love cities and buildings and trying to capture something of them in the form of a sketch. Victoria is a smaller city which is changing but at a more organic pace than a large metropolis. After living in Toronto and Vancouver, Victoria is not an all encompassing urban environment — there is a different “here” here — by which I mean a city with a living connection to it’s geography, climate, and proximity to wild nature."

• Matthew's art on Flickr.


josé louro said...

See your drawings in flickr. Amazing.

Frida said...

I agree!

matthew_c said...

Thanks very much.
I look forward to viewing work from you both on this urban sketchers blog.
This is very new to me - I've never had a "blog".

Matthew said...

Matthew, I left a comment somewhere else and not sure where, so repeating it here....Don't know if you remember me or not, but I worked with you back in 2000 at an arch. firm in Vancouver. I was only there less than a year, but we chatted often about architecture. Anyway, came across your sketches and they are absolutely brilliant - such great technique and depth to them. definitely inspiring (actually inspired me to upload some sketches of mine from my time in barcelona). good luck with everything, and happy sketching...


Kelsi said...

Hello Matthew, I love you work. It's great to see my home town thru someone else's eyes. I'm putting together a publication for Tourism Victoria and would like to feature you as an artist, could you contact me?

Donald Maier said...

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Eami Burst said...

Hi there! I've seen a lot of your works, I'm so amazed by them. I'm an architecture student and a bit frustrated on sketching. Could I get a little help from you?