October 28, 2008

Meet the correspondents: TOKYO > Lok Jansen

"I am an architect turned illustrator living and working in Japan. Most of my sketching happens in the metropolis of Tokyo and deals with urban surroundings and the people that live in them.

With the city sketches I'm trying to capture the character of the environments we live in, almost like portraits — but of the metropolis. So I go up on a lot of rooftops and take a lot of walks through the city at night and try to show something of the sensation of living in the sensual, colourful, anonymous embrace of this giant growing organism.

When I'm not drawing up on the rooftops I often ride the subways and trains and watch the flow of people come and go. I do quick one-minute sketches and try to capture the cities' anonymous inhabitants, and the brief chance encounters I have with them on the train.

Drawing helps me see and through seeing I find my love of the simple things — a frown, the way the light hits somebody's cheek, a cute house. And through drawing I hope to communicate and share some of these moments."

• Lok's blog.
• Lok's website.


gabi campanario said...

hi Lok, can't wait to see more of Japan and the places you travel in Asia thru your drawings, your work is terrific

stupot said...

Lok - great blog - gonna be passing through Tokyo in a month - might be nice to catch up for a coffee? jya - mata.

marina said...

I would love to visit Japan one day! Until that, I'm waiting to your drawings! Great style!

Lok said...

Thanks all, I'm really looking forward to this blog kicking off - looks like it can be a very very nice collection of responses to the urban condition and all the things that happen in it.

Stupot, I'll be busy but yeah definitely, shoot me a mail before you get there.

szaza said...

Wow! What a style!
Can't wait to see more of your work.

pascal said...

bonjour lok,
je suis emerveillé par la facon dont tu dessine au trait!
superbe et inédit!!!

hi lok!
i'm amazed by the way you sketch figures!!!
wonderfull and never seen before!

Lok said...

Thanks again, I guess there won't be many figure drawings on this blog but the human body is definitely one of my favourite subjects...

Donald Maier said...

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