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October 18, 2008

Meet the correspondents: STOCKHOLM > Nina Johansson

"I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, but when I started using sketchbooks some years back, I suddenly started drawing much more. It's as if the idea of filling that darned book creates a drive to draw, and it has become an almost daily habit. A filled sketchbook gives a great feeling of accomplishment, and since I keep all my books, I can literally see my own work grow and develop. The sketchbooks often turn into diaries of sorts. When you've drawn something, you remember everything about that moment — the time of day, the smell, how you felt, what happened around you. Drawing a city isn't just capturing it on paper, it's really about getting to know it, to feel it, to make it your own. I have lived in Stockholm for twelve years (grew up in northern Sweden), and I still love this city. I find most of my inspiration in the everyday life of it all — the people, the traffic, the sounds, the architecture, the creative mix of old and new. "

• Nina's blog.


Pedro said...

Hey Nina. I am reding your blog a long time ago and I absolutely love it. Althought I don't allways draw on sketch books, and not everiday, I fell very much the same that you say about drawing

stupot said...

Nina - just going through your sketch books - a real inspiration!

Sketchalina said...

Love the interplay between painting and border here.

Donald Maier said...

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Don Maier